Cutting carbon impact with the support of Ski Line

Welcoming specialist wintersports travel agent Ski Line as a new partner – you may have spotted their logo on our Partners Page.

We have teamed up with them because of their commitment to sustainability. As the company explains: “Ski Line promises to highlight green initiatives being undertaken by our featured ski resorts”. They also promote more eco-friendly travel options like taking the train. Bravo!

So this is a quick welcome and well done to Ski Line as our latest partner in the #SkiGreen movement, plus a shout out to the 15,000 plus skiers that will be travelling with them this winter.

If just a fraction of those skiers think pre-loved ski clothing this season, we will be keeping A LOT of extra wintersports clothing in active usage and out of landfill. Which is of course what is all about.

Read the guest blog on the Ski Line website

Five things we learned at the National Snow Show

Thanks to all who joined us at the NEC for the National Snow Show last month. It was a great opportunity to spread the #SkiGreen message and gauge your views about our circular economy goals.

We loved chatting to skiers and boarders from across the country – all so excited to get back on the slopes after an enforced absence. Here are some of our takeaways from those conversations…

  1. Virus permitting, it is going to be a bonanza season on the piste. LOTS of us have multiple ski trips planned for the ‘back to the slopes’ 2021/22 season. We lost count of the number of skiers who told us they had three, four even FIVE ski holidays booked. Go Brit skiers – it’s going to be an epic year in the mountains.
  2. There are THOUSANDS of bags of unwanted ski clothing neatly stashed in loft cupboards across Britain. It was a rare visitor to the Snow Show stand who didn’t own up to being a ‘just in case’ hoarder. Much of it is apparently in A1 condition and never likely to get worn as it no longer fits.
  3. Skiing en famille is a great British tradition that shows no sign of waning. Bank of mum and dad is still paying for wintersports wear AND holidays for the kids – even when those ‘kids’ are well into their 20s. Well, if ma and pa are footing the bill, who are you to deprive them of your delightful company – and let them pay for that £14 bowl of spag bol when lunchtime comes? Who says millennials haven’t got a clue about money?
  4. While the general population saw their weight increase during lockdown, many skiers took advantage of enforced leisure time to get active and actually LOST weight. We spoke to numerous visitors who said they were looking for new outfits because the old ones were now too roomy. There is no better excuse for a ski kit upgrade – just remember to sell on the jacket and pants that no longer fit.
  5. The #SkiGreen message is front of mind for increasing numbers of brands, resorts and wintersports enthusiasts. Eco-products like Face Freeze plant-based wax and GROUNDTRUTH luggage made from recycled plastic bottles were among our favourites at the Show.

Recycle is good but re-use is always better. That’s why it is our mission to keep wintersports clothing in circulation through the peer-to-peer marketplace. Your old is someone else’s new: look out for the re-launch of our buy-sell platform coming soon. Register for our newsletter to be among the first to know.