Beginner ski tips

Apart from kitting yourself up with the right clothing and equipment, what else do you need to know as a novice on the ski slopes? These tips for a beginner skier may help…

beginner ski tips:

SKI BOOTS: They will feel tight but not so much they cause discomfort. Don’t be tempted to go up a size, but do head back to the hire shop for a refit if they really cause you grief. They should not cause you to wince (or worse) or cut off circulation.

ALCOHOL: Tempting as a boozy lunch may be, save your units for the après – once you are back in resort and off your skis. If you are involved in an accident, you are likely to be breathalysed by the piste police. All skiers should be aware: in Italy, is illegal to ski/snowboard under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ditto in France, also Colorado and other ski resorts in the US.

Glass of gin and tonic on window ledge in ski resort at evening
Save the G&T for post-ski relaxation

LESSONS: Your ski trip will be so much better if you get tuition in the basic techniques. YouTube is not a ski instructor – although watching some tutorials before you go is helpful. Try lessons on a local dry slope or indoor ski centre as your ski trip approaches. Beginner ski tip: book early as UK practice slopes are very popular, especially if you want the run up to your ski trip.

THE LAST RUN OF THE DAY: Don’t be tempted (or talked into) finishing your day on the slopes with a tricky piste. Runs can get icy/slushy depending on temperatures, as well as busy towards the end of the day. Visibility deteriorates and fatigue sets in. Ending your ski day on a slope within your abilities will enable you to avoid terror, possible injuries and start the following morning feeling confident and raring to go.

NEVER SKI ALONE: Applies to all skiers but especially if you are a beginner, lack technique or confidence. You will feel much happier and be much safer if you have someone keeping an eye on you.

Pre-ski trip prep:

KNOW YOUR PISTE ETIQUETTE: Familiarise yourself with the Skiers’ Code of Conduct. Keep your speed down, always look uphill before you set off, stop at the side of the piste rather than in the middle, avoid stopping at bottleneck points, be aware of what’s going on around you.
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PRE-SKI FITNESS: Stamina and aerobic fitness will pay dividends. A lot of skiing consists of hiking around carrying heavy, awkward equipment like skis and ski boots. Then there is the stress on your legs, feet and ankles, shoulders and abs. Make squats and wall sits your new BFFs (best fitness friends).
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