WhoSki.com: our Mission

WhoSki.com is a circular economy marketplace for secondhand ski clothing. Our mission is to keep ski and snowboard wear in active use, while influencing the wintersports sector to be more sustainable.

We enable people to sell their wintersports clothing peer to peer, keeping it affordable and boosting sustainability.

Re-SALE is as green as it gets

Every time someone sells and buys secondhand ski clothing via the WhoSki.com marketplace, one less item pollutes the environment or has to be repurposed: even recycling carries an environmental cost. 

When you rent clothing, it has to be transported and cleaned between uses. When you dispose of pre-loved clothing through a site that sells on your behalf ie that requires you submit your items for authentication/valuation, you are generating extra textile miles and an increased carbon footprint in the process.

The longer an item of clothing is in circulation, the more times it is worn, the lower its carbon footprint. By selling on, peer-to-peer, items you no longer need, you act sustainably. You keep garments out of landfill and you also help someone else save money by helping them to buy affordable ski clothing

Your old is someone else’s new.

Reducing textile miles, packaging and energy waste  

WhoSki.com keeps the carbon footprint of transactions low by providing a marketplace platform and a community where good quality, affordable, ski and snowboard clothing can be passed directly on from one person to another rather than via a third party for assessment and re-sale. That means less transport, fewer chemicals, reduced packaging and no storage warehouses.

The #SkiGreen Directory

Make a greener decision when organising your ski trip, with the WhoSki.com #SkiGreen Directory. Resorts, travel operators and transport are all included to help you take steps to improve your environmental credentials on the ski piste. Visit the #SkiGreen Directory here.

Partnering to drive change 

Our partners are handpicked to help spread the #SkiGreen message. From school and university trip providers to green fashion disruptors, together we help raise awareness of the uncomfortable statistics on the environmental impacts of our ski and snowboarding habits. We strive to make a difference and encourage all we work with to act more sustainably and think #SkiGreen. Visit our Partners Page here.

The UNCOMFORTABLE statistics – just UK 

Some 350k tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill annually; another 80k is incinerated. That’s 11 million pieces of clothing EVERY WEEK. 

The UK is the world’s second largest (after the US) exporter of secondhand clothing. Exported, unwanted textiles, including ski wear, are turning up in the Global South, washed up on coastlines and dumped in the countryside. These clothes can take over 200 years to biodegrade.

Durable, hard-to-recycle ski and snowboard clothes are part of this problem. Find out more about sustainable fashion here.

Supporting mental health

We donate 25% of our commission on every sale to award-winning teenage mental health charity stem4. Partnering with stem4 is our way of supporting a charity which helps teenagers access positive mental health support easily and through apps on their phones. Every item you buy or sell through WhoSki.com directs a charitable donation to this important cause. Visit stem4.org here.