Stock up on half term ski kit pre-loved clothes for sale

Dusting down your bags of ski clothing ready for the annual half term trip to the slopes? That’s what’s happening in my household, at least. Today was my day for working out what still fits whom, what can be sold on (via, of course!) and what new kit is required.

It’s now I remember that my daughter’s snowboots were a bit tight last year – and she’s also grown out of those salopettes she’s been wearing for the last two seasons. Sigh. Meanwhile, my son got a full outfit upgrade at the Ski Show (will he EVER stop growing?) as a thanks for helping out at the chalet, so his #GoodAsNew jacket and ski pants combo is ready to sell on to another ski-keen teen.

Fixed-price instant sales mean there’s still time to sell

If you’re also having a ski kit clear-out, remember that there’s still time to get it sold before you head off next weekend. Our sales are fixed-price so you don’t have to wait for an auction to come to an end, and we are currently (launch offer) giving 100% of our commission (we charge 20% on every sale) to our teen mental health charity partner stem4.

Clear out your wardrobe, prevent still useable ski clothing from going to landfill AND do some good : what are you waiting for?

Remember too, when you return that you can save putting away the stuff you won’t be using again (maybe it’s too small or you’ve bought new kit in resort) by posting it for sale on Simply register, upload pics and details and click SELL.

You’ll be helping people who ski later in the season (universities often ski at Easter, for example) as well as the environment. Did you know that around 75% of clothing donated to charity shops fails to find a home?

Author: Nicola