Supporting teen mental health

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Fresh air, nature, the great outdoors: all are proven to have a positive effect on mental health and all are among the reasons we love skiing.

So when we were looking for a charity to support with funds raised via the website, stem4 seemed the perfect choice.

It’s a fairly young (like us) charity, based in Wimbledon (like us), with ambitions to do good (like us!), making it the perfect match.  We were delighted when they agreed to team up with us, becoming our official charity partner to enable youngsters to benefit from our – and your – ski habit.

So we will be donating 10% of the commission we charge on every sale to stem4. That means EVERY TIME you sell an item in, we donate money to the stem4 teenage mental health charity: even during special offer periods when we waive our own commission on sales.

What do stem4 do?

As a teen mental health charity, stem4 has the aim of improving the lives of young people by detecting and stemming common mental health problems at an early stage. They provide information on identification, intervention and effective management of commonly occurring teenage mental health issues. This information is shared through videos, a number of apps, conferences for schools, students, parents and health professionals, as well as their own website.

Author: Nicola