Cold feet skiing solutions

Skier's feet

Having cold feet can ruin your ski experience. What’s the solution for those of us who find chilly toes an issue on the piste?

Invest in quality socks

No 1 investment for cold feet sufferers should be quality ski socks. Investing in a few pairs of really good ski socks should definitely be top of your list of solutions if cold toes and feet are your problem.

If there’s room inside your ski boots, you may find wearing two pairs of thinner socks in place of a single thicker pair will make a difference. Do always make sure, though, that you have space to wiggle your toes and move your feet: this will aid circulation and help keep your feet warmer.

TIP: Warmer socks will contain a higher percentage of Merino. Choose the right size for your feet, and opt for a pair with specific right and left foot options as padding, compression etc will be in the right place to maximise comfort and heat.

Choose boot heaters

Ensure boots are warm and dry when you put them on. You can’t always rely on hotel/chalet boot heaters which are often insufficient/non-existent/non-operational, so packing your own device is a good idea. Portable boot heater options include the Sidas Drywarmer shoe warming and drying appliance (cost c £20), a mains-powered device that pops inside your boots and gently dries them overnight. UV light helps zap bacteria. These mini-warmers are super-versatile, so you could also use them for running shoes, wellies, walking boots etc, as well as for larger ski gloves. Recommend.

For those with serious cold feet issues, including Reynaud’s Syndrome or diabetes sufferers, consider investing in an on-board heating system. You have a couple of options here: boot heaters or heated socks.

Therm-ic PowerSock heated socks: costly, at approaching £200. Battery pack tucks into the top of the sock, and can be adjusted via your phone using Bluetooth connection. Socks should be washed at max 30degC. You’d probably need at least a couple of pairs for a week-long ski trip, pushing up the price even further. Also, socks need to be long in order to fit battery pack above boot top level, thus increasing bulk.

From personal experience, we believe the better option is a Therm-ic in-boot heating system, powered by rechargeable battery packs. You’re recommended to get the insole installed at a ski shop so the wires are correctly located, though you can do it yourself. Leads poke out of the top of the back of your boot and plug into powerpacks which click securely onto your boot straps. Buttons on the powerpack enable you to switch the device on/off and adjust the heat levels.

We recommend:

One of our founders Nicola has skied with Therm-ic boot heaters for more than 10 years, and refuses to ski without them: “I’m a February half-term skier, when conditions can be cold, and barely a day goes by without me switching on my boot heaters. I am amazed you don’t see more of them around. For me, they are a ski essential.”

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